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Hello folks, I am Ankush Pratap Singh (my friends call me Alex too). I am a master’s student in Computer Engineering at New York University. I moved to New York in 2021 and I’ve been living here since. I have a keen interest in Machine Learning and Deep Learning with a particular emphasis on computer vision. As a Deep Learning student, I like to implement different architectures and their combinations from scratch like GANs, Transformers, etc. Along with Deep Learning, I have an interest in Big data as well, especially Recommender Systems.

I did my Btech from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology Dwarka (New Delhi) and soon after graduation, I took up a job as a software engineer. After working for about 3.5 years in the Indian IT(software) industry, where I was mostly working as a full-stack developer, I decided to move back to academia.

Here at New York University, I’ve had the pleasure of studying under some really qualified and knowledgeable professors. I was even lucky to work as a Graduate Teaching/Course assistant as well for a couple of them.

I enjoy teaching and I truly believe in what Prof Richard Feynman said, “I you want to master something, teach it”. So, I make sure whenever I study something new, I try to present my learnings to some other students or colleagues of mine.

Apart from my studies, I enjoy watching sports. I am a huge cricket fan. I love watching movies, theatres, and Broadway. I like meeting people of different backgrounds and listening to their stories about their cultures, lives, and beliefs.

I have provided my contact details in one of the tabs, so if anyone wants to connect or share something, I would love to connect.