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Hello Everyone,

I am Ankush Pratap Singh. I am Master’s degree holder in Computer Engineering from the esteemed New York University. Since 2021, I have been calling the bustling and lively city of New York my home. My academic and professional journey is deeply rooted in the fields of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, areas within computer science that fascinate me immensely. My research interests are diverse, spanning across computer vision, representation learning, and biomedical data science. One area that particularly captivates me is the intersection of the human brain and machine learning, especially in multi-modal environments with limited supervision.

Before embarking on my master’s journey, I earned a Bachelor of Technology degree from the renowned Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology Dwarka in New Delhi. Post-graduation, I ventured into the data science and software industry, where I honed my skills as a Data Scientist for about 4 years. This experience was enriching, but my inherent passion for academia drew me back to the pursuit of advanced education.

My tenure at New York University was filled with learning from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professors in the field. It was a privilege to assist and learn as a Graduate Teaching/Course Assistant for several courses. Notably, under the mentorship of Professor Yao Wang, I delved into my MS thesis titled Segmenting Metastatic Brain Tumor Using Deep Learning. This research was an exploration into the realms of deep learning architectures, where I proposed two novel architectures for temporal medical image segmentation.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to work under Professor Chen Feng on the Scene Summarization project. This project was an exciting foray into compressing videos into keyframes, emphasizing spatial diversity.

I am a firm believer in the power of teaching, resonating with Professor Richard Feynman’s quote, “If you want to master something, teach it.” I am committed to sharing my knowledge with students and colleagues, enriching both my understanding and theirs.

Outside the academic sphere, I am an avid sports enthusiast, with a particular fondness for cricket. My interests also extend to movies, theater, and Broadway, offering me a glimpse into diverse narratives and artistic expressions. Engaging with people from various backgrounds, understanding their unique stories and cultures, is something I deeply value and cherish.

For those interested in connecting or discussing ideas, please feel free to reach out using the contact details in one of the tabs. I am always open to forging new connections and engaging in enriching dialogues.