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Greetings everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself - Ankush Pratap Singh, also known as Alex among my friends. In 2023, I successfully completed my master’s degree in Computer Engineering at New York University. Since 2021, I have resided in the vibrant city of New York. Within the realm of computer science, I possess a strong affinity for Machine Learning and Deep Learning, with a particular focus on computer vision. My research interests encompass a wide range of topics, including GANs, Self-Supervised Learning, Scene Summarization, Medical Image Segmentation, 3D Reconstruction, and Recommender Systems, among others.

Prior to pursuing my master’s, I attained a Bachelor of Technology degree from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology Dwarka, located in New Delhi. Following graduation, I embarked on a career as a software engineer in the Indian IT industry, where I primarily worked as a full-stack developer for approximately 3.5 years. However, my passion for academia eventually led me back to the world of higher education.

During my time at New York University, I had the privilege of learning from exceptionally knowledgeable professors. In fact, I was fortunate enough to serve as a Graduate Teaching/Course Assistant for a few of them. Under the guidance of Professor Yao Wang, I conducted my MS thesis on “Segmenting Metastatic Brain Tumor Using Deep Learning.” This research involved exploring existing deep learning architectures and introducing two novel architectures for temporal medical image segmentation.

Teaching brings me great joy, and I strongly resonate with the words of Professor Richard Feynman, who once said, “If you want to master something, teach it.” Hence, whenever I acquire new knowledge, I strive to share it with fellow students and colleagues.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I find pleasure in watching sports, particularly cricket. Additionally, I enjoy immersing myself in the world of movies, theater, and Broadway. One of the aspects I cherish most is engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and hearing their unique stories, delving into their cultures, lives, and beliefs.

If anyone wishes to connect or exchange ideas, please refer to the contact details provided in one of the tabs. I would be delighted to establish new connections and engage in meaningful conversations.